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If you're interested, please hit me with a note and we'll put you trough our values and process.

As a disclaimer we'll assume right away that we provide actual print quality artwork, our goal on commissions is to produce to our best quality illustration standard. In order to evolve, develop a good portfolio and yes, make money.

Yup, my first time in Italy, and in the second best european comics festival...

I'm staying with the Passenger Press publisher crew on "Padiglione Giglio Stand 326", promoting "Black Odissey" if you're attending please come a say hi!

Hello friends,

wanted to update the journal, and with good news to share. First, our Brande New Nostalgia anthology/artbook "kaBOOMbox" crowdfunding effort was completelly successful! We got tons of love from the internet, we are humbled and grateful.

Great things ahead, one shot story written by talented Mr Paul Allor for our kaBOOMbox, and lots of work on the freelance area.

AND! I'm accepting submissions, hit me a note and we'll talk! :beer:

Thanks, peace.
Yes ou BNN/OOSA artbook "Ka-BOOM-Box"... FUNDED!!

with still 12 days to go we have time AND and some great incentives left to grab - prints, sketches, comics, commissions, and original art.

We'll use the extra money to print more copies of the full-colored 200 paged goodness - a physical copy can be had for $35. a PDF for $15,

Containing the works from these mui talented gents:

From Brand New Nostalgia:
Tradd Moore
Ricardo Venancio
Mateus Santolouco
Joseph Querio
Joe Dellagata
yours truly
Joao Vieira
Giannis Milonogiannis
Felipe Andrade
Brian Churilla
Alessandro Micelli

From Out of Step Arts:
Ming Doyle
Paul Maybury
Greg Ruth
Toby Cypress

And from both camps:
Alexis Ziritt
Logan Faerber
Andrew MacLean

THANK YOU to all internet community, all those who supported and helped raise this campaign!! You guys rule. :beer:
And so here it is - our anthology book project with Brand New Nostalgia joining forces with Out Of Step Arts in a crowdfuding Kickstarter campaign effort!

Please help us make this happen here…

Thanks! :beer:
Check out Brand New Nostalgia's "Paper" themed week! On DA :iconbrandnewnostalgia: or, if you prefer to Tumblr" ;)

Yup, proud to be with these cool cats! Cheers to them! :beer:

"Antique" is next week's theme, picked up by talented friend Joe Dellagatta :iconboston-joe:
Due to life's own nature our presence on Brand New Nostalgia is being a tad irregular, but sure, this to say we've drawn "Mexico" and "RED" themes, so you guys can check it out on our Deviantart page :iconbrandnewnostalgia: or Tumblr

Still have to do "Terry Gilliam" and next week's "Space"!

Ah! - We'll post the inked version of each theme, one week after the first coloured is released on BNN's DeviantArt :iconbrandnewnostalgia: and Tumblr pages ;)
This week on :iconbrandnewnostalgia: we welcomed our new members, talented Mr. Alessandro Micelli :iconalessandromicelli: and Mr. Logan Faeber by asking them to draw MIAMI VICE, as suggested by our own Alexis Ziritt :iconaziritt:

Keep on comin' & we'll keep on drawin'! :beer:
Hey peeps check out this week's :iconbrandnewnostalgia: theme the popular game FINAL FANTASY! Chosen by talented Mr :icontradd: we've got also a redesigned Tumblr page here

See ya next week!

You can check also my late MOEBIUS piece
and soon AKIRA KURUSAWA's too ;)
Ever since the beginning being here @ DA's being a great experience, a number of meaningful experiences and opportunities came thru here.

You guys rock! :beer:
This week we have "Jack The King Kirby" on the menu, chosen by talented and very-cool-duderino Andrew MacLean :iconandrew-ross-maclean: check out our takes here :iconbrandnewnostalgia: @ Brand New Nostalgia, your friendly illustration/comics digital collective!

Next week, who knows...

This week we have "Horror" on the menu, chosen by talented Adam Huntley :iconangryrooster: check out our takes on it here :iconbrandnewnostalgia: @ Brand New Nostalgia, your friendly illustration/comics digital collective!

Next week, who knows...

This week Nolan Jones was our master of ceremonies selecting the theme for us. Nolan is a comic books writer and a fan of the little known TMNT spinoff, The Mighty Mutanimals. IN FACT, Nolan wrote up a real slick history of the title. Check it out at Nolan's tumblr here…

Check the gang's crazy takes here! brandnewnostalgia.deviantart.c…

Next week we have "HORROR" selected by talented Adam Huntley here!

Cheers! :beer:
The title say it all, chosen by talented friend Mr. Joe Dellagatta inspired us to do different takes, please take a look here on DA brandnewnostalgia.deviantart.c… or on our Tumblr page

Next week THE MIGHTY MUTANIMALS as selected by our DA sponsor Nolan Jones. Nolan is a very cool dude and a BIG supporter of Brand New Nostalgia.

I'm having fun so, see ya next week? ;)

Take care!
Yup, and yours truly was the one to come up with the theme, please go and check out them different views by the whole team here brandnewnostalgia.deviantart.c… on DA!
and here… on Tumbrl!

Next week's theme is suggested by the great

Hey friends!

Since the 15.000 hits, we haven't had big news to share, we're glad we waited, because this one rocks!

We've been invited by Mr. Andrew McClean (thanks A!) to enter in a sketch blog collective called "Brand New Nostalgia", the group is amazing the quality of it's members unbelivable, we're honored and super excited about it!

So, for starters we're gonna have ourselves a Tumblr ( and Deviantart (brandnewnostalgia.deviantart.c…) pages here:

Check it out and WATCH that DA page, it's pretty much owesome...

Being in the Deviantart community has been inspiring and a source of personal growth.
Trough here I got my first gig, met good people and talented artists.

I can only say one thing, THANK YOU :pray:
The other day I got pegged by talented :iconandrew-ross-maclean: a really cool DA friend (thanks btw) , from whom I really like his OGN, "Practically A God" is looking very promising, check it out peeps, you won't regret it...

OK then, the Rules:

* Must Put Rules

* Each Tagged Individual Must Mention 10 Things About Them In A Journal

* Tag 10 Different people

* Go To Their Profiles And Let Them Know

* You Can't Return The Tag

Ten Things (that-world-could-live-better-without-nkowing) About Me

1 - If I hadn't become an illustrator I would be normal.
2 - Got my first-ever real Comics gig here, trought Deviantart. It works!
3 - I LOVE inking, so much that sometimes, I have a hard time nkowing the right time to stop.
4 - I suck at sports (Basket & Soccer), but love playing anyway, yup crazy like that...
5 - I'm a Self taught bass-player. A very rusty one btw...
6 - Stopped smoking.
7 - Mostly I do advertisment related gigs like storyboards and conceptboardsand recently got some Editorial illustrations assignments, I'm having real fun, could do this for a while...
8 - Tough number 3, I LOVE Cintiq PS painting, so much that sometimes, I tweak my graphic style to do it.
9 - I don't dance, have two left feet, theat's the reason behind number 5.
10- Nowadays I only buy Graphic Novels, TPB's and follow authors, wich seems to me the best way to find good stories.

So... TAG!! :D

:iconandreillustrates: :iconnunoplati: :iconboston-joe: :iconrictercio: :iconmatteoscalera: :icon2depaus: :icondan-duncan: :icongigicave: :iconjoaolemos: :iconfernandolucas:
Just arrived from NY, man, already miss it, the city, the people I've met.
it was a GIANT convention, twice the size of 2008 twice the people.
Had the chance to watch the audience's feel towards my work, it will shurelly help. A lot.

Now it's time to face the drawing board, with a :) of course!

Thanks Y'all!
  • Listening to: music, radio, tuturials, documentaries
  • Watching: Movies, Benfica
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: Healthy & tasty
  • Drinking: water, beer & red wine...
Already have NYCC's Artist Alley number, look us up on booth R-11 ;)

Close neighbours with talented portuguese artists Ricardo Venâncio, João Lemos, Filipe Andrade, Nuno Plati and Ricardo Tércio at booths R-17 and R-18 :)

I'll be also signing Forgetless comics with the crew @ Image stand on this shedule; 5-6 PM Friday 8 October and 4-5 PM Saturday 9 October.

Meet you there! ;)
  • Listening to: music, radio, tuturials, documentaries
  • Watching: Movies, Benfica
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: Healthy & tasty
  • Drinking: water, beer & red wine...